Marcus Morris


I am Marcus Morris and I was born in Newcastle hospital. I have lived in Muswellbrook my whole life. I grew up here and went to the public school and Muswellbrook High School.

I have always valued an education, always seen the benefits of going to school and how we are lucky in Australia - we have free education and you know, teachers are at our disposal. I always wanted just to make the most of being young because you can’t do it over again. So that’s pretty much my main reason for doing year 12. I was also lucky enough to be elected as School Captain, which has helped me to get my face out there.

I think that being a young Aboriginal person, in general, there is a lack of role models, so I have always tried to be that person for other people and I think it’s so important that we continue the legacy and continue to exercise our heritage. I think what makes a valuable person, is if they can take what they’ve learned and experienced and offer their perspective on how the world works. I think that’s what I value most. I like hearing other people’s perspectives as well as giving my own.

I want to go to Uni and do Electrical Engineering or Renewable Energy Engineering, which is something I’ve always been interested in because I like doing Maths and Physics at school.  I think that being Aboriginal, we owe ourselves to the land. So, I think that’s a way I can do that, is by thinking about new ways we can continue to progress technologically but still remain, in our role, protecting our land and conserving our beliefs.

“I thinks it's important to continue the legacy.”