Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people should be advised that this exhibition contain images, voices or names of deceased persons in photographs, film, audio recordings or printed material.


The stories


These storieds are part of the Aboriginal Oral History Project in Muswellbrook Shire (NSW). The endeavour was to gather stories without the influence of existing written history as this is often written from the perspective of non-Aboriginal people.


These stories build on the stories published in Wannin Thanbarran, a record of Aboriginal and European history in the Muswellbrook and Upper Hunter Area.  


We wanted to ensure that cultural connections are not forgotten and that we preserve invaluable stories for future generations and that through the sharing of these experiences and stories there will be an enhanced  appreciation and understanding between generations and communities.


The people & links to the videos


Aunty Jean Hands

Malcolm Franks

Aunty Margaret Matthews

Uncle Glen Morris

Uncle Gary Wright Amanda Howard Aunty Gay Horton Uncle Johnny Matthews
Katie Van Vliet Rachael Faye Bellamy Renee McDonald Aunty Rhonda Griffiths
Alma Franks Daphne Coward Marcus Morris Mary Franks
Uncle Charlie French Steve Fordham Warren Taggart  






Making the stories come further alive


We want to make these stories come further alive by adding:

Photos of the people and places and events in the stories
Documents related to the stories
Maps and timelines to help make sense of the bigger picture
Additional stories
And more


In the first half of 2021  Rosslyn Thomson, the  Community Partnership Officer at Muswellbrook Shire Council will be working with the community to build a collection of materials to add to this web site.


If you have ideas, stories, photos, other materials contact her to get them included.